• Retain Your Customers

    Drop your cost by 5 times by retaining existing customers and discover alternate acquisition channels.

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  • Shrink your CAC

    Your company’s fate rests on Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Lower it is, higher is your profitability.

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  • Understand Customer Behavior

    Revolutionary data capture tool to acquire your customer’s meaningful data to drive growth

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  • Spotlight for your brand

    With so many competitors vying for your customers, you need to stand out!

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  • Engage your customers

    Select the best channel - email, text message, push notification & Chat Bot – craft your campaign and track its performance for effectiveness via detailed reports.

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Customer Support Vs Customer Success- Know the Difference

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Loyalty Management Software

Data Driven- Marketing Based Loyalty Suite

Powered by the technology powerhouse ‘Hyperspace’, Incentiwised is a brilliant solution to Automation, Retention and Marketing.

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  • Profit Analysis

    Cushion your Profits

    Is obscurely high Customer Acquisition Cost eating away your projected profits?

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  • Mobile Loyalty Program

    Make Mobile work for you

    Are you looking for a surge in sale through mobile-first customer engagement?

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customers insights

Scientific Customers Insights

Are you analyzing your customer’s journey by understanding the insights from the very first purchase and ongoing communication?

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Recognize Your Spenders

80% of the business comes from 20% of the customers; do you know who are they?

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How do we work?


In-depth analysis of your business

  • Studying the business landscape
  • Outlining system and processes
  • Constructing a replica of the setup
Understanding key

Understanding key challenge areas

  • Highlighting the bottlenecks
  • Pinpointing the roadblocks to growth
  • Identifying obstacles in retention
growth and retention strategy

Setting a growth and retention strategy

  • Drawing a roadmap to achieving KPI’s
  • Deploying tools and assets to deliver
  • Optimizing marketing effort through digital and offline channels

Combining expertise and tool efficiency

  • Scaling operations through technology
  • On-boarding and on-going support
  • Achieving bottom line breakthroughs
Loyalty Reward Program

What’s our solution like?

Build better relationship with your customer, discover newer ways of targeting them and personalizing each...

10x your growth rate with a tailor-made loyalty program. We create an adaptive loyalty program that drives massive...

POS software solutions will cover all bases from store inventory management, stock transfer, price, promotions, coupons...

Maximize customer retention, capture leads and nurture them deeper down the funnel. Automate customer marketing so you...

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