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About Us

Incentiwised is a technology-based loyalty solution provider for businesses across multiple domains. It is a brainchild, a product of Hyperspace consulting. A corporation based in UK, which is a leader of tech-consulting business.

Equipped with some of the sharpest brains and minds, Hyperspace consulting has the best in industry team and resources to deliver extra-ordinary results. HyperSpace is technology enabling company that creates innovative technological solution to empower businesses.

Backed by a team of experienced tech geniuses and programmers we create robust mobile and web-based solutions that are unique, clever and functional. Powered by passion and ambition, HyperSpace brings solutions to create electrifying eternal brands.

Incentiwised provides easy to use loyalty program, which is specifically built for your business, which in turn helps in bolstering your relationship with your customers and gives you an opportunity to collect key consumer data, unlike typical shared rewards programs which often promotes a façade of loyalty to the program itself rather than you - the merchant!

After carefully considering your preference we design cards or cardless loyalty program that complements your service or product. Our web-based loyalty program software provides universal access and is optimized for every device. 

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