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5 Ways You Can Get Customers Join Your Retail Loyalty Program

It’s no secret that a well-designed and executed loyalty program has the ability to fast-track your business growth; provided customers are signing up for it.

The matter of the fact is, creating a program cannot make your brand earn loyalty alone. To ensure the best out of loyalty in retail, you need to work on the launch and marketing of the programs so that you enrol more and more new members. But how? Here are a few strategies that will help you attract more customers towards your loyalty program.

#1 Run Enrollment Drives

Run a contest to create excitement among customers and see how many of them are showing interest. Initially, it is suggested to do it among your employees (be sure you reward them as well for their complete registrations). Keep engaging customers with contests fun and membership boost.

#2 Greet New Member

Encourage customers to join your program by welcoming them with a gift or special discount. This gesture of gratification reinforces the value of the program and the loyalty of customers. You can offer your welcome gift via mail, text, or at the time of purchase.

#3 Encourage Friend Referrals

To enjoy the success of your program, you should start making your brand advocates your very own brand ambassadors. People are more often influenced by online recommendations from their friends or family. Offer some sort of incentives to the customers who refer your brand and invite their friends to join your loyalty.

#4 Train Employees

It is highly recommended to launch your retail loyalty program a few weeks before to your employees. This enables the staff to understand the whole process and technology needed to facilitate the program to the public. Give your employees the “cheat sheet” of loyalty program benefits. This would help your employees assist customers in a better way with their loyalty queries.

#5 Target Existing Customers

If you have a list of your existing customers, then send them emails or messages introducing your loyalty program and its benefits. Explain to them about the perks of joining your program and offer them sign-up incentives. Your existing customers are more likely to show loyalty towards your brand.

These are some of the ways you can make your retail loyalty solutions work the right way for your business. Get in touch with Incentiwised to discover more strategies that increase loyalty program participation.

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