Beyond NPS- Telecom Loyalty That Succeeds

People these days are crazy about their smartphones, but they are essentially not enthralled with their wireless providers. That’s the key takeaway from a number of surveys done over the years. The survey results show that the telecom loyalty and customer satisfaction in the industry have been dropped as compared to the previous years. Ouch!

Why beyond NPS (Net Promoter Score)?

Looking from the customers’ point of view, there is a very little variation in different telecom companies. In fact, many claim that not competing with each other has been a major key to their success. The level of control customers have is what influences their ratings for the service satisfaction.

This is why telecom leaders make use of the metrics that gauge customer experience. For example- Net Promoter Score (NPS). But even after that, the concern remains is- why is customer dissatisfaction in the telecom industry comparatively growing than other industries? Probably because the NPS surveying process does not include the entire journey of customers, and their changing experiences and expectations with every interaction. However, it only considers the last experience of a customer, and not the history of frustrating interactions with the wireless provider.

This situation screams for a question: How can the wireless telephone service providers improve customer experience? Here are a few ways the telecom industries can boost their customer experience and loyalty simultaneously.

  • Benefit from analytics

With the help of analytics, you can improve your customer experience to a great extent. Using predictive analytics and decision models to analyse the customers’ behaviour closely, you can determine the right mix of solutions for every user. This way, you can deal with the indicators that predict a customer is willing to leave.

  • Turn customers into the evangelist

Making a large base of satisfied customers is surely a good thing, but how would you make those customers your very own evangelist? It is a dream of almost every wireless provider to turn their customers into a mouthpiece of advertising. Sentiment analysis tools allow these providers to determine the subscribers who are more likely to leave. Also, with the help of data-driven insights, the providers can develop proactive policies to cut down the customer churn.

  • Predict outcomes

Today, most communication providers are using predictive models to predict outcomes by analysing real-time and retrospective data. This way, it becomes easy to modify their customer-retention efforts. Keeping up on the customers’ behaviours can help the telecom providers to filter the loyal and not-so-loyal users.

Incentwised has helped many telecom companies in improving their customer retention with its telecom loyalty programs. Get in touch with us to know how you can take your communication business to the next level.

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