Loyalty Program

Bistro Group revamps its loyalty program

THE Bistro Group, an assortment of international and national casual dining brands, has started its much talked about Bistro Frequent Foodie (BFF) loyalty app.

The BFF app synchronizes with the BFF card and provides Bistro Group’s customers a hollistic Bistro experience offline and online. It offers every customer to track their vouchers, receive exclusive discounts and make reservations.

With the innovative cloud-based loyalty program, The Bistro Group is capable of efficiently managing their customer rewards & redemption and makes it easy for loyal patrons to redeem them. The redesigned loyalty program weaves a seamless rewards system that in turn elevates customer experience.

Today’s conventional methods of customer retention barely scratch the surface. Today, every other business in the Philippines has a loyalty card. Progressive brands are adept at leveraging both traditional and digital loyalty marketing.

“As a leading restaurant brand, we are committed to delivering stellar service and offering delectable culinary creations. This is precisely why The Bistro Group is launching the BFF app for all our loyal diners. As Bistro Frequent Foodies they can enjoy the perks of our enhanced loyalty program through the BFF app,” said Lisa Ronquillo, The Bistro Group VP of Marketing.

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