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Brands That Are Winning the Customer Rewards Game

Want your brand to gain more loyalty among customers? It is always great to consider some of the best loyalty programs used by other brands so that you can plan accordingly. Here is a list of companies that are using the customer rewards game like a pro and can be a source of ideas for your brand too.


Enjoying a cult following among people who love makeup and beauty products, Sephora continues to win its existing fanbase. Alongside that, it also keeps winning over new customers with its attractive beauty insider program.

The program has a user base of around 17 million which in turn is making 80% of the brand’s total sales.

What’s the secret?

The brand revamps and updates its customer loyalty program every few months. You are specially going to get influenced by its attractive Birthday month gifts. You can choose the item of your choice based on their seasonal promotions.

The dedication towards how much you care about your existing customers has always been winning shot for loyalty game, and Sephora knows it very well.


Panera’s reward programs are created to serve both the purpose- marketing and customer loyalty. Customers get to tailor their rewards according to their wants. For example- you can ask for pastries if you are a dessert person or can go for free lunch to save money.

On the other hand, the company lets its rewards work towards promoting special offers or seasonal foods. For example- it gives customers delivery rewards. So, those who haven’t known about the delivery model would feel curious to give it a try for the rewards.

REI- Recreational Equipment, Inc.

REI deals in travel equipment, sporting goods, camping gear, and clothing. The membership program of the brand has gained extreme popularity around the globe because of its value. By spending just $20, you receive lifetime membership of REI. This includes 10% off on most items of the REI, free shipping on orders above $50, eligibility to vote for the company’s board of directors, and other exclusive offers.


There’s no doubt Uber is a big global brand. This is why Lyft cropped up with an obvious estimation of an uphill battle against Uber. Lyft is a small and very young brand and playing catch-up against the giant of ride-sharing business. The most influential way Lyft found to make its own space in the market was to create a loyalty program that lures customers over other competitors.

Lyft loyalty is developed for both the riders and the drivers. It offers driving bonuses to drivers for completing a certain number of rides. This way, the drivers are less likely to pick up rides from Uber just so that they can reach a benchmark on Lyft. On the other hand, the ride-sharing company offers its five-star passengers discounts as a gratitude for being a top rider.

There are so many loyalty marketing examples that you could consider to make your brand earn more loyal fans. Approach Incentiwised to have a perfect loyalty program designed for your business.  

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