Role of a Customer Support

Customer Support Vs Customer Success- Know the Difference

There can be long and lively discussions on how customer support and customer success differ from each other. Although, the skill sets and goals of both might be similar, but there is a huge difference in implementing their approaches.


Let’s get precise into the role of a customer support team. Their work revolves around resolving the product-related issues of the customers and educating them about everything in regard to the product. To support the process, the team also works with other operational teams, like product engineering. Product engineers help improve the features of the company’s product, based on the customer’s feedback

Whereas, the customer success team does not work for the customers, but with the customers. They proactively engage with the customers to understand their needs and goals and explain them about how it can be measured up with the product, thereby increasing the customer’s lifetime value.

The intention and goal of both the teams, however, is the same - help customers and offer fabulous experiences.

Let’s have a brief look at the roles and responsibilities of both the teams and discover how they create value for the customers together.

The Approaches of The Two- Customer support receives inquiries and complaints of the customers and respond to them promptly. While, customer success team discusses the needs and requirements, and strategies their further actions accordingly.

Aims and Objectives- Customer support covers the task related to the issue resolution and avoidance. On the other hand, customer success work towards accomplishing the intended outcomes right from the beginning of a customer’s journey.

Measuring of Metrics- The metrics of customer support gauge the quality of support and service provided to the customers, time-span of the process, and overall customer satisfaction.

Areas of skill- The professionals working for customer support are well-versed in the disciplines that coincide with engineering, marketing, and operational teams. The customer success professionals possess skills in wide ranging areas and industry expertise, including many disciplines of customer support as well.

Impact on business- Customer support plays an extremely essential role in running a business, as there will always be customers with questions, and a business needs to answer them. When talking about customer success, it adds more value to a business to boost revenue and expansion.

While each team is consigned with specific responsibilities, together they cover every aspect throughout a customer’s journey to offer a great experience with your company. Thus, it is always better to give equal attention to both customer support and customer success team in order for your company to grow and achieve success.

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