Does Loyalty Still Matter in FMCG Sector?

Back in the early 1900s when supermarkets were not a big thing, consumers would go to different shops to buy their household essentials. From groceries to dairy products, nothing was available under one roof.

However, there were some exceptional weekly markets, where people would visit to do their shopping once and for all. This meant loyalty was not a thing that shoppers and the shopkeepers would have looked for. Single option with limited transportation curbed people to visit the same store for shopping.

The market developed fast forwardly over 100 years and consumers now have everything under one roof. And, not to mention they have more choices too, which ultimately makes it a concern for consumers as of where to spend their time and money. With so many options that might influence the buying-decision, do you think loyalty exists within the FMCG industry?

Yes, it does!

Although the factors like distance, pricing, quality, etc. are still important, the consumers’ lifestyle and the way they shop has been changed drastically. This is where supermarkets need to grasp the opportunity. FMCG loyalty works a little different from the usual retail loyalty, and you need to work along with that fact.

Consumers are preferably looking for places where they can conveniently shop for a better experience. By combining an extra privilege along with an excellent shopping experience for your regular customers, you can gain loyalty. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not to be dependent on your loyalty-based sales. This is because consumers today are fickle beings and can leave you once you cut down on the quality of your service.

The final words

With so many factors influencing decision making, can a certain retailer still be a consumer’s first choice? Absolutely! You got to understand the changing behaviour of today’s customers and plan your loyalty solution accordingly. Offer the best shopping experience possible, and keep up on customers’ expectations to ensure continued sales.

If you are into the FMCG industry and wondering how to bring more repetitive sales, combine your excellent service with loyalty. You can get in touch with us anytime to talk about your needs and have a loyalty program for FMCG designed.

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