Cross Channel Marketing

How Cross Channel Engagement Impacts Your Business Performance

According to a new research published by E-consultancy and Oracle Marketing Cloud, properly implemented Cross Channel Marketing effectively impacts your business performance.

In this day and age, consumers are well connected and well informed. With the increase in use of emails, social media, current news pop ups, and more, it is a growing challenge for channels to cut through the crowd and reach customers at the right time. Cross Channel Marketing in this regard becomes crucial. A proper customer engagement software is necessary to facilitate effective performance for your business.

Firstly, Cross-channel Marketing means that a seamless experience is provided across a combination of different channels. It allows businesses and brands to seamlessly communicate with consumers spreading across multiple points. Here is a look at how cross channel marketing impacts the business performance.

Increases Engagement

Using multiple channels allows one to reach consumers at several times of the day. A notable example is if customers click on a link which is an email combined with a delayed push notification, it is more likely to allow them to follow up on the purchase.

Aligns with consumer behaviour

One of the most effective parts of this customer engagement software is that brands are able to create a synthesis with online and offline consumer behaviour. This works effectively and increases the business performance because it is a personalized mechanism. Under Armour has used this recently by scanning barcodes via the app store.

Improves Loyalty

As the customer engagement increases, it registers in their mind and provides a homely atmosphere. Cross channel marketing aids in increasing the visits and purchase of the business involved. Cross channel marketing offers customers an integrated experience under one platform. This consistency is user friendly, ultimately aiding in building the trust of the customers which leads to repeated visits and higher engagement.

Cross Channel Marketing works wonders for new businesses to be established, as well as established ones to prosper event further by helping in aligning with customer behaviour, building loyalty, and gaining more engagement across multiple touchpoints.

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