How to Develop and Maintain Loyalty in the Automotive Industry?

Just like any other industry, the automotive industry also depends on customer retention significantly to build success. As per the market metrics, it is 15% easier to sell to your existing customers as compared to the new one. Moreover, it usually costs 6-7 times more to attract a new customer than to keep an existing customer.

However, the challenge that an automotive industry faces is the fact that customers these days research and gather a lot of information about the dealers even before they meet them. To handle these challenges, the automotive brands and dealers are suggested to make their company’s website user-friendly, have a strong social media presence, and consider using CRM data.

Building a Loyal Customer

Building loyalty with customers begins with creating a stable relationship. It can cloud your mind to believe that if customers have started preferring purchasing with allegiance to a specific brand, they will purchase the vehicle from your dealership. No, it does not go this way. Car dealers who deal with the luxury segment of cars like Mercedes Benz E class, Audi R8, etc. need to work hard to win the sales.

After the deal, there is another opportunity to induce customers to choose you for future purchases and aftersales services. You could easily leave no other options in front of the customers if you offer the best possible services every time they approach you. And, these are the customers going to be loyal to both the brand and the dealer further. The major point one needs to keep in mind is to maintain a long-term engaging connection after the initial sale.

How to drive automotive loyalty?

You need to start from somewhere to create loyal customers. Good automotive loyalty programs begin with rewarding car buyers with complimentary gifts, such as discounts on maintenance, future purchases, etc.

Another great way is to stay in touch. Let your customers know you remember them and care for them. Build an effective strategy for customer communication all along their journey with you. Always stay in touch to remind your customers about the regular maintenance of their cars or to ensure they don’t miss their appointment.

There are many smart ways you can make a loyalty program work for your automotive brand. To understand more about it, you can get in touch with Incentiwised any time you want and can have the right program designed for your company as well.

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