Keep Your Customers During The Lockdown

Important Tips to Help You Keep Your Customers during Covid-19 Lockdown

Many businesses now have to close their selling due to safety and health concerns. The current crisis has affected the operations of businesses around the world drastically. But, that should not stop you from earning the Customer loyalty that could benefit you after the lockdown ends. There are so many ways you can use the current time for a greater good of your own. Let’s have a look-

Be responsible

We know how much you, as a business, want your customers to stick with your brand. But, don’t forget the time is tough for everyone. Your responsibility towards the world should not be outweighed by your marketing. Aware customers about the pandemic, show your care and let them know how much they matter to you. This gratitude would help stick them with your brand.

Promote pre-order discounts

Offer promotions that allow your customers to pre-order your products at a discounted price and get it delivered when the lockdown is over. This is one of the fantastic ways to not let your stock be unsold. Encourage your customers by showing that even by staying home, they do not have to cut back on their shopping moods.

Share responsibility towards your employees

When a brand promotes transparency with its customers, it encourages greater trust. This is a powerful way to earn loyalty. Share what you are doing for your employees and how you are supporting them during this pandemic. By demonstrating empathy and authenticity, you can expect great respect in return from your customers.

Plan according to how your customers’ lives have been changed

This is the time you should be leveraging the power of social media and email marketing. Provide content to your customers that is interesting, fun, and entertaining. Also, make sure the content is relevant to the life of people that is being on hold. By gaining the attention of people while they are stuck at home can bring your brand a good customer following and loyalty.

Run contests

In the time when people are expected to be living a monotonous life, you can create excitement by running interesting contests. Promote offers for the contest winners and let them redeem their rewards when normality resumes. This will create a sense of excitement among customers and they would love to engage with your brand.

During this Pandemic, do not let your brand lose its integrity. Choose the right way and keep loyalty alive among your customers.

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