Latest Customer Engagement Strategies for 2020

As you take your next coffee sip, it’ll be 2020 already. With New Year approaching so fast, you could not be just waiting to watch what good it brings to you. As a business, gaining new customers, their retention, and more revenues would remain your main goal. In fact, you would need to start planning about the new customer engagement strategy to continue being the topmost option among your potential customers.

So, how do you develop customer engagement strategy that makes you stand out in the competition?

To help you with that, we have compiled a list of strategies that would help you win customers’ loyalty and relations in 2020.

Voice Search

With the invention and popularity of Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Home, the voice search is already ruling in the market. This strategy to provide customers more ease of directly talking to the company and asking what they want will invite potential engagement opportunities and will help a brand to stay ahead in 2020 and beyond.

Socially Conscious

Sustainability is going to be one of the major aspects for making customers drawn towards a company. Customers now want companies to be more socially responsible and have meaningful stances with social-cultural and environmental issues. Although reputed companies have already started giving attention to sustainability and social responsibility, it would come up as a significant growth factor in the coming years.

Predictive Engagement

It is very common to speak to customers when they visit you, but you can be a game-changer by reaching out to your customers for their anticipated needs. It is the time for the companies to be proactive and use AI-powered analytics to predict the needs of customers before them telling you. This way, you offer them a great convenience that boosts loyalty and make your customers stick to you.

Rapid Resolutions

Customers don’t bother to visit a company again that takes forever to reply and get to the bottom line of the issue. Customers now look for rapid resolutions to their queries and issue. Provide live support to offer resolutions to customers’ issues promptly. Live interaction of support on average needs, not more than, 30 seconds to resolve a query.

There are various client engagement activities that would help you win customers in the coming years and would lend your business more loyalty and retention. Get in touch with Incentiwised today and know what we have designed to elevate your customer engagement, especially for your business.

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