Customer Loyalty Programs in Healthcare

Recent Trends in Loyalty and Rewards Programs in Healthcare

Healthcare loyalty programs are crucial as it is not easy to win customer’s trust in healthcare loyalty. These programs have an objective of providing convenience to patients and ensuring quality healthcare for a better experience.

Just like customer loyalty is crucial in any other system or business, it works the same way in terms of medical care. There are several reasons why one should consider implementing hospital loyalty programs:

  1. It is more expensive to gain new customers than to retain the existing ones
  2. Patients already a part of the hospital loyalty programs have a positive inclination towards the healthcare system
  3. Already existing satisfied patients recommend and bring new customers to the organization

Recent trends in loyalty can be further examined with the way customer loyalty in healthcare is implemented. Following are the major examples of hospital loyalty programs which work as a reward mechanism.

Often rewards are provided if:

  • Patients go to all the scheduled sessions and complete the health care plans they have signed up for
  • Are punctual to all their appointments
  • Complete their home-exercise programs
  • Catch up on reading the recommended content related to their health problem
  • Recommend and sign up a friend or caregiver
  • Attend complimentary education and informative seminars

The above are examples of the trends based on which rewards are provided. It is believed that rewarding good behaviour leads to progressive results and thus mutually aids both the patients and the health service providers. The recent trends examine building up on customer loyalty. This can be implemented through several mechanism and the most important and core value surrounding it is customer care.

Healthcare providers delivering effective customer service with enhanced care often climb up the success ladder with their organization. Additionally, keeping the customer well informed and empowered builds the impact. Hence, customer loyalty in healthcare can be achieved through hospital loyalty programs carefully integrated into the system. It is a mechanism through which a health care service provider not only keeps its long valued customers, but also gives back to the community by periodically enhancing its overall experience. Humanity’s greatest concern will always be health and this is one arena which should never be compromised.

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