Why Many Of Your Satisfied Customers Never Came Back?

As per every imaginable metric, loyal customers have been found to be the lifeblood of any business. And yet, according to a market survey, 60-80% of satisfied customers do not feel disposed to do more business with the company that initially satisfied them.


Because brands sometimes fail to keep the customers encouraged and excited about buying their products. Companies might often put their significant attention towards providing quality (which is certainly a great decision), but there is no scarcity of companies providing similar products as them. How are they going to win their customers?

Gone are the days when quality products were enough as a marketing strategy. Today, what ‘EXTRA’ do you offer is responsible for your customers coming back to you. Loyalty programmes motivate buyers to create accounts, come back, and spend more. Even better, they refer your brand to others and create meaningful connections.  

But, even a loyalty programme cannot work for you if your strategies are not up to the mark. Here are some of the strategies you should follow to top the customer loyalty and retention game.

Evaluate The Success Elements

Determine the factors that influence the loyalty itself. That’s obvious, but for many companies got their loyalty programmes failed, because of not having a solid foundation.  

Do Away with the Loyalty Killers

The matter of the fact is, making your customers sign up for your loyalty programme does not guarantee success. Majority of the programme members are often ‘inactive’ because of these reasons-

  1. Earning rewards took too long time
  2. The rewards did not excite the customers
  3. Too many communication
  4. Irrelevant communication

So, pay attention that none of the above-mentioned factors affect your loyalty programme.

Branding, Because It Counts

The best loyalty programme is the one focused on the complete experience. Brand your loyalty programme the same way you would do with your new product collection or major campaign. Let customers know how seriously you take loyalty.

Put the Offer Front and Center

Make your programme visible to make it perform better. You can use your homepage banner, emails, social media approach, and any other onsite areas to boost visibility.

Make Redemption Uncomplicated

No one is interested in earning points and rewards only to discover a complicated set of rules, regulations, and redemption exclusions. Make your rewards and offers easy to redeem.

Add Urgency Factor

Add urgency to your programme to induce more customers towards it. For example- you can implement a countdown timer every time you have exciting offers to drive more sign-ups.

Make sure you haven’t offered a loyalty programme just for the sake of it. It needs to perform effectively and bring success to you. With the help of the above-mentioned strategies, you can work efficiently toward encouraging your customers to come back.

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