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Customer Insights

Data that speaks / Deeper Insights / Micro-Analysis / Customer Intelligence / Quick Data Capture

“Take a closer look into the mind of your customer”

Data Backed Decisions

Run several split tests and campaign checks on the basis of cold hard data to get results day on day. Now operate your business on facts and not on hunch.

360 degree single view of customers

With our multi-screens option, you can have a holistic view on the customer’s behavior. Our dashboard is designed for functionality. You can filter your customers from the onset of their journey with your brand. Data points such as interaction at several touch points can be known.

Consumer Segmentation

Get a drift of your most loyal and most adherent customers and incentivize them to reap the benefit of sustained loyalty. Incentiwised help in identifying different tiers of customers on the basis of:

  • Recency of purchase - Spends in the last 0-6 months, or 6-12 or 12-24 months etc.
  • Frequency of Purchase - 4 purchases every week or 8 purchases every week or monthly or yearly cycle.
  • Monetary value of thespend – Between $0-50, $50-100 or $100 or more!

Scientific Consumer Behavior

Without customer data, every business decision is futile. Every marketing effort will be in vain, it’s like beating a dead horse. With our fully integrated data capture module, you pick vital data (minor or major) at every touch point which makes it virtually impossible to lose on any interaction.

Omni-Channel Data Capture & Integration

With more than 70 API’s and integration options, you can get a single-screen dashboard that displays customer interaction at nation or global wide touch points. Collated data for better strategy formulation that to help business know what’s working and what’s not. With insights from the very first purchase and ongoing communication, it is easy to establish customer journey.

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