Loyalty Manager

The core of every loyalty module is the capabilities it has to offer. With plethora of ready-to-use and customizable functions, you can Jumpstart your loyalty program.

Hybrid Loyalty Programs

Not every company wishes to totally digitalize, and neither does every organization wants to bet their farms of the conventional paper vouchers. With our hybrid models, the best of digital and physical is incorporated and the disadvantages are countered.

Optimize Financial Health

Bring your loyalty chain equilibrium to its most optimized state with our points control module. With so many accumulated points it can often lead to excess liability on the financials, therefore setting a cap on allocation of points will help in equalizing the scale.

Automated Loyalty Program

Set the conditions on automation to make your system operate on auto-pilot. Get twice the results with only half the effort.

Custom Loyalty Module

You can run a voucher or a digital redemption program with as many features as possible. Run a hybrid model where both the systems are integrated for faster and better loyalty management.

Customized Rewards Rule Engine

Experience the power of a responsive, intuitive and bespoke Loyalty Management Software that allows you to create single or coalition loyalty programs. With more than 800+ rules to choose from, you can set hundreds of permutation and combination of rules to your loyalty software setup.

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